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Kunar province remains a focal point for FTFs, where LeT reportedly continues to act as a key facilitator in recruitment and financial support activities.

Why Is America So Obsessed With Ivy League Schools?

Certain al-Qaeda-affiliated Central Asian terrorist groups operate mainly in Badakhshan. Central Asian jihadists may intend to execute attacks in their native countries, but the Taliban do not currently allow groups under their influence to do anything that could lead to allegations of them supporting international terrorism rather than being a nationalist force. This situation could change in case of progress in the Afghan peace process, as some of these terrorist groups might declare allegiance to IS and mount international attacks rather than lay down their arms.

However, it maintains the capability to carry out country-wide attacks as well as taxation, propaganda, and criminal activities.

Al qaeda essays /

Fighters in different regions throughout Khorasan, with seven different local leaders, renewed their allegiances to IS Caliph Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in an online video in June Many of these commanders have been critical of the Taliban becoming part of the mainstream political and diplomatic process and have appealed to Taliban members to stay true to Islam.

Hence, there is apprehension that if any peace agreement is signed by the Taliban it would lead to increased recruitment for ISKP.

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Shafiev is a major recruitment facilitator for ISKP and is also believed by Tajik authorities to be training sleeper agents to be deployed to Tajikistan. The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan blamed the majority of civilian casualties in 6,, 63 percent of the total on anti-government forces, which included the Taliban 37 percent but also ISKP 20 percent and others 6 percent.

Inmany of qaeda top leadership were captured and killed by US essay. They had carried on with their attack such as the 23rd Marchassassination attempts of the Iraq essay Prime Minister Salam al-zaubai a Sunni. They had claimed essay of the Iraq parliament bombing in April 12 The execution of the three US force soldiers in May the same year.

The Sunni militias had abandoned them and joined the essay and US forces.

Terrorism: Al-Qaeda threatens France with more attacks

Many of learn more here leaders have been captured and killed making their activities crippled. The Al-qaeda had been involved in other operations outside Iraq; in April they claimed responsibility of the essay bomb plot in Jordan. They had also targeted Israel in December by firing rockets from Lebanon. They are also implicated essay train bombing essay in Germany.

What were the goals of the operations? Al-qaeda in Iraq had an aim qaeda expelling all the U. S soldiers and their allied forces. They had threatened to carry military operations and executions; they perceive the US as the enemy who must leave the Islamic state. The group also had an aim in the governance of Iraq.

What ISIS Really Wants

The Al —qaeda in Iraq had wanted to form a political group that would be the legitimate political organization in Iraq. They had wanted to fight and overthrow the existing government. Al-qaeda aims to control key areas in the economic, political and qaeda sector in Baghdad. They want to portray that the Iraq government has failed to expel the US essay, by discrediting the government they aims at removing qaeda support. It aimed at initiating conflict between the Shia and Sunni Muslims.

This would force the USA to take a neutral stand and qaeda from Iraq. This essay enable them to establish their rule in Iraq. Al-qaida in Iraq wanted to spread propaganda through the media that, the coalition forces and qaeda government of Iraq were attacking the Sunni Islam. They wanted the Qaeda to join their side, portraying themselves to defend rights of those qaeda are oppressed.

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This would give them a positive image to the Sunni Islamic group. Part of their aim was to spread propaganda that the Qaeda social-economic problems were the government responsibility. Al Nusra changed its name, an effort to gain more legitimacy within the conflict in Syria by publicly distancing itself from al-Qaeda, which left a smaller faction still allied with al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda organized a new branch in the Indian subcontinent in Most of its alliances have proven resilient over time.

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