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Arguments for and against the Existence of God The polytheistic conceptions of God were criticized and derided by the monotheistic religions. Since the Enlightenment, monotheistic concepts have also come under criticism from atheism and pantheism. Arguments for the Existence of God Philosophers have tried to provide rational proofs of God's existence that go beyond dogmatic assertion or appeal to ancient scripture.

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The major proofs, with their corresponding objections, are as follows: 1. Ontological: It is possible to imagine a perfect being. Such a being could not be perfect unless its essence included existence. Therefore a perfect being must exist.

Objection: You cannot define or imagine a thing into existence. Causal: Everything must have a cause. It is impossible to continue backwards to infinity with causes, therefore there must have been a first cause which was not conditioned by any other cause. That cause must be God. Objections: If you allow one thing to exist without cause, you contradict your own premise.

Existence of God Essay

And if you do, there is no reason why the universe should not be the one thing that exists or originates without cause. Design: Animals, plants and planets show clear signs of being designed for specific ends, therefore there must have been a designer. Objection : The principles of self-organization and evolution provide complete explanations for apparent design.

Modern design argument: the Anthropic Cosmological Principle.

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This is the strongest card in the theist hand. The laws of the universe seem to have been framed in such a way that stars and planets will form and life can emerge. Many constants of nature appear to be very finely tuned for this, and the odds against this happening by chance are astronomical. Objections: The odds against all possible universes are equally astronomical, yet one of them must be the actual universe. Moreover, if there are very many universes, then some of these will contain the possibility of life.

Even if valid, the anthropic cosmological principle guarantees only that stars and planets and life will emerge - not intelligent life. In its weak form, the anthropic cosmological principle merely states that if we are here to observe the universe, it follows that the universe must have properties that permit intelligent life to emerge. Experiential: A very large number of people claim to have personal religious experiences of God. Objections: We cannot assume that everything imagined in mental experiences which include dreams, hallucinations etc actually exists.

How did that first grade religion class at St. Now there were kids in my first grade classroom not able to count to three yet, or at least it seemed so. Perhaps they were just terrified. We had already been blasted open by the revelation that God eavesdrops on our worst transgressions, and now there is a holy ghost, and Sister Mary Mark is getting sweat beads just below the sharp white band shielding her forehead.

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We had come to school, we thought, to get some answers. Our parents, after all, treated us like children. Now, though, there were problematic questions. Sister Mary Mark, we imagined, was here to clear matters up. Sister Mary Mark went for the metaphor. So the nun then turned to the flame. Dinty W.

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Does God Exist?

Skip to content. God is a spirit infinitely perfect. Had God a beginning?

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Yes; there is but one God.