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School Administrators no longer have to re-compute the grades of each student to check on their accuracy. Reports such as grading sheets and class records can be submitted on time.

Why School Report Cards Merit A Failing Grade Essay

Future Researcher. This Online Grading and Grade Viewing System may serve as a reference for the future researchers for the improvement of the system in the near future. This study will serve as training for the proponents, to enhance their skills in web development. Delivered by FeedBurner.

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Online Grading and Grade Viewing System. Search Article and Source code. Cell phones have recently started being used in Africa for sending SMS-based information. These simple systems have already had a major impact. The reason why SMS gets through: With the massive growth and inadequate infrastructure in many countries, voice and where available IP are just not feasible unless there is massive investment to bring up the networks.

SMS will get through even when the network is busy for hours. Some of the possible services that exist are: car parking systems, M-learning, market information via SMS, automated agricultural answering system and many others. SMS messaging has already shown great potential. The FAO is using SMS messaging as a data transmission system for field workers wishing to send in agriculture reports. A local management information system for small farmers and traders gives information on prices, trade volumes, market flows and growing conditions in local language via SMS on mobile phones.

In this thesis the main finding is about in which of the respective areas the SMS system is being used and how does it help the human life to be more comfort. The mobile ticketing is implemented on smart machine in United Kingdom. The smart machine is a machine which monitors and controls multiple processes utilizing special service providers, delivering to any destination network, independent from the mobile operator. Thus, we can optimize value for money, depending on the content that is provided e.

This system enables the user to buy ticket for major events like rock concerts and football matches from his mobile phones. The ticketing technology was successfully tried for the first time at the Aston Villa v West Bromwich Albion match on April 10th, According to Desousa , Web based application have four core benefits. These are following: First, compatibility. Web based application are far more compatible across platforms than traditional installed software like web browsers. Second, efficiency. Everyone hates to deal with piles of paper unless they do not have any alternatives. The benefit of web based solution makes service and information available from any wed- facilitated Personal Computer PC.

Third, security of live data. Normally in more complex systems is moved about separate systems and data sources. In web-based systems, these systems and processes can often be merged by reducing the need to move the data around. Web-based applications also provide an additional security by moving the need for the user to have access to the data and back end servers. Web-based applications can considerably lower the costs because of reduced support and maintenance, lower requirements on the end user system and simplified plans.

A huge proponent of computerized grading and was surprised to see how many teachers are still using a written grade book. For example, he use Power Grade developed by Apple and love it. Despite a few glitches now and then, it saves him countless hours. It's easy for him to access real-time grades, print up reports whenever he choose, parents can access these grades from home, he can take attendance etc.

Online grading system Essay Example

Also, it makes automatic backups to the main server so Adam never have to worry about losing information. It also gives you five pages to develop a website within the grade book.

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This would be great if you did not have a website for your class and wanted a quick and easy one. CAMSIS provides comprehensive and accurate information about student body and also improves data quality, reduce the administrative burden dramatically and provides better services to both students and academic staffs. To define the descriptive type of research, according to Creswell, a professor of educational psychology, has stated that the descriptive method that the researchers have used for this research is a method that gathers information about the existing condition.

The emphasis of this method is more on describing how the researchers conducted the study rather than judging or interpreting the information that was acquired by the researchers. The said school is headed by the principal Mrs. Cristina E. Nicolas in collaboration with the current director Fr. Marion C. Munda and Assistant Director Fr. Leo Angelo S. The Nazarene Catholic School, formerly known as Quiapo Parochial School, was formally established in the year with the late parish priest — Msgr. Vicente Fernandez, the founder of the said school.

The school offered kindergarten, complete elementary, junior high and senior high classes, and also night classes. This method includes the use of questionnaires and interviews. The tools used by the researcher are discussed. The questionnaire was used by the researchers as the main data- gathering instrument for this study. It was divided into two main sections: the profile and the actual questionnaire paper. The profile contains the socio-demographic characteristics of respondents such as name, age, gender and educational attainment and the actual questionnaire paper contains the questions that is prepared by the researchers for the target respondents.

This was also applied for the top answers and students preference in regards of having a fully electronic grade slip. In providing the overall picture of the socio-demographic profile and the expectations of the students, as well as anticipated problems in pursuing an automated system and its overall effect on students, teachers and parents 3. It is used to know if the respondents were in favor with the proposed electronic grading slip that will be used by the senior students for their quarterly grades. Descriptive statistics such as frequency count, mean, percent and rank are considered and a scale is given to test the level of acceptance towards the proposed study.

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The respondents were surveyed by the researchers in order for them to find out how benefitting and convenient it is of having a fully electronic grading system rather than a manual distribution of report cards in scheduled meetings by the advisers. A total of sixty-five 65 students and personnel were chosen as the respondents.

This chapter discusses the results of a structured questionnaire responded by sixty-five 65 participants namely the senior high school students, the faculty members and the parents and authorized guardians of the senior high school students. Before the initiation of the study, the significance, rationale and purpose of the research are provided to the respondents in order to deepen their understanding about the study.

Furthermore, the respondents have been given an assurance that all data gathered and given by the respondents will only be used for the purpose of the research and their identities will remain confidential. The objective of the study is to determine how effective will an electronic grading system be compared to the manual distribution of the report cards via scheduled meeting with the advisers and how convenient would the EGS be in terms of reducing the effort needed to obtain the report cards of the students in the school of the Nazarene Catholic School.

The gathered data from the subject-respondents are systematically presented, interpreted and analyzed. Weighted mean used to find and treating the gathered data to arrive at accurate answers to specific problems and T-test is also used to determine if there is significant difference between the perceptions of the respondents. Most guardians are not 3 5 3 2 0 3. Grades from the adviser 5 7 1 0 0 4.

Computerized Grading System Of

Students independently printing their own grade slip lessen the work from the adviser. Electronic grade slip 6 4 3 0 0 4. Full access to the server anywhere to update students regarding their grades. Private information encoded by the professors is secured and only be opened by a secure password. This electronic grade 5 4 3 0 1 3. Herein, it shows that their perception has a mean of 3. The Table above provides the perception of the teachers regarding of having an integrated EGS in terms of its efficiency and convenience for the teachers, as well as for the students, parents and for the school.

In this regard the teachers have revealed that they are mostly agree on the given statements. Also having the system integrated to the school, the teachers can easily reach out to those who are having problems with their academic performance and their grades. On the other hand, the respondents who are teachers have agreed that parents and guardians often miss the meetings due to their own conflict in their schedules and having an online grading system will help students on keeping track to their own academic performances and how to improve their own setbacks.