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Illusion and Reality in Katherine Mansfield’s « The Garden Party » · sihemblog

Both James Joyce and Katherine Mansfield expertly use the literary elements of characterization to illustrate the journey of self-discovery while both main characters. Children observe people in their environment and develop mannerisms according to their interactions. Her short stories, Life of Ma Parker and Her First Ball have specifically delivered ideas in which are commonly experienced by readers in the modern society including the pressures of flourishing into adulthood and the impact of class and social status. Consequently assigning the meaningful role of conversation in the English language into an equally significant role in written literature.

In Katherine Mansfield 's short story The Garden Party, conversation provides the stories fundamental theme of class division. The conversation is established through the characters dialogue, which creates. Much of her work was strongly themed around issues such as classism, a woman 's place in society, sexuality, adulthood and also grief. The central theme. Katherine Mansfield, who lived from until , is considered one of the most notable short story writers of her time. Katherine Mansfield 's short fictions often explore the lives of women who are restricted and often-routine circumstances contrast severely with their lively and imaginative minds.

Comparing Death in D. To a lesser extent, death creates tremors in the worlds of the antagonists. I got two As and a B with them without a single revision!

Modern British Literature Katherine Mansfield, 'The Garden Party'

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The Garden Party Summary

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But the beginning of the story seems to speak of something else; of an awakening and hope, of change and choices there to make - the part where Laura's youth and character stand out so beautifully. There's something thoroughly offensive in the family's response: they can't call off a social occasion every time "a drunken workman" happens to die; we are made to sympathize with Laura's doubts and her reluctance to conform, gently seduced to take her side against the staid social conventions.

When she surrenders in the end we feel the blow of her defeat.

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And there's the presence of the cottages, unchanging to the end, their unmistaken misery that can be seen from the Sheridans' house. Today technology has made the world much smaller than it was, death and misfortunes now don't have to be next door to be observed, they can be anywhere, in any part of any Continent. To ignore them, any of them now requires a conscious act, the act that Laura is performing as the story, in the evening, comes to a close.

The opening -final- question then remains. How can we possibly, how can we have a party going on while at the same time people languish in their agony at our feet - they're right in front of us, we see them, we can watch them day to day. How can we sit eating our hamburgers - what people like to eat - enjoying it, watching the others starve to death two steps away.

How can we morally defend it. Even the most religious mind must see the screaming crime in this: children, defenseless, helpless people, old and sick with no control, no kind of influence on what is going on, who suffer senselessly while we, the others, live on so content that, as a concept, in itself is always only relative: if things are starting to get worse for others too, it mostly means they have to think of cutting down on their abundance - suffering, really, so that others have the means to do their shopping.

Abstaining from our excess meals won't still their hunger - maybe not, but even so there's something morally perverted in the fact that we accept the situation without taking concrete steps.

The Garden Party Summary by Katherine Mansfield

And if we switch off our devices and forget about the rest - that at the most would be the decent thing to do - nothing will change, the world is out there as before, we know it is. We're past the point where we could credibly deny it.

All this occurs to me while editing a short text that I wrote not long ago, in which the dialogue I reproduce below appears; it seems I carried it around for quite some time. It seems not very much has changed during the intervening years - or, if it has, not in the way one too ingenuously could have wished.

Or does one actually imagine that things change by their own weight, without an active contribution, one first effort on our part? Steve picked up his half-chewed wing and started in on it again. I watched the back-bar TV screen, and there's those images I'd dread. The footline text spoke of Darfur, and you saw kids, their bellies swollen, arms and legs like sticks, dying.

You used to ask about those images at home, when you were small about Biafra, in those days. You never had a good reply.

Essay Preview: Analysis of Katherine Mansfield's - the Garden Party

My kids asked me about Somalia, those days ; I never had a good reply. Those images even the gloss-cards CNN couldn't destroy. Or you're indulging in your food while they don't have it. Why is that? I don't have any kind of clue what you are saying. No one in here that I could see that would be dying without food, nothing my eating or not eating chicken wings could do to change that.

I took my eyes off from the screen and tried the coffee; it was cold. Don't you, Steve? You think we managed things more shrewdly so it's right we'd benefit. We're somehow worth the edge we've got, that's what you're thinking. Isn't it? So what's a four-year-old in Africa or somewhere ever have that he could manage bad or good, that he'd be suffering for that? It isn't him or us in person, it goes back. Our people knew what they were doing when they built this country up, and those guys don't. He's starving now, he's never had another choice except just that. He's got no bigger part in that than you yourself in what our people started here, before you're ever even thought of.

My own ancestors, for Christ. Everybody just take care of what's their own. I did. They'll say - not all of them, but some of them will tell you yes, okay, the concentration camps, the Nazis, that was bad, that's unforgivable from any view you're taking on the issue; but don't hold us responsible, there's nothing we could do to stop it.