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This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. You can view samples of our professional work here. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Through interaction with caretakers, socialization in childhood, peer pressure in adolescence, gendered work and family roles, women and men are socially constructed to be different in behaviour, attitudes and emotions Borgatta. Gender roles are the roles that society assigns to men and women based on their gender.

Essay about Gender Identity

They especially influence relationships between men and women. Education has evolved from providing them with skills necessary for building a family and managing a household into a more broad, extensive education that benefits them in a variety of careers as well as allows them to reach a higher social status as educated members of society.

In secondary schools, teachers who provided female students with homemaking skills have switched to more intellectual courses like physics and biology. Bitter feminists around the world were often heard blaming men for the current state of the world, but it should be realized that part of the future of the twenty first century, is determined by how much women corporate with working with men to influence the direction of the nations of the world.

There is the link of the relationship between female literacy and independence growth where the level of female literacy is higher and the dependency growth is lower. The twentieth century has been the dawn of a new era for women in the world. They have evolved and broken many barriers in social status and education level.

Stemming from backgrounds that were tough and limited where they were maids, field labourers and cooks, they have definitely matured, transitioning to higher and more meaningful roles in society. Their determination and push for social equality has had a major role to play in the development of the world. This development is a major factor responsible for the state of the economies in the world today. Women have graduated from being mainly domestic workers to that of doctors, athletes, and Prime Ministers.

They are also specializing in jobs that were once only occupied by men, for example, filling the position of managers, engineers, safety-officers and welders just to name a few. Young girls and women living in these modern times must take advantage of the opportunities provided and use the resources that are available to them. Women must become less dependent on the opposite sex and strive to earn their own in terms of possession and finances etc. Women are venturing out and challenging themselves but some of the men have occupied traditional female roles and at a slower pace, for example, men have become hairstylists, cooks house-keepers, baby-sitters etc.

Traditional hierarchical organizations are a thing of the past. In the working environment, the strategies used by women to reach mid-management levels are preventing them from breaking through the glass ceiling. To be successful, both men and women must be able to get excellent results through people-oriented leadership practices. They become self-disciplined, ambitious and are likely to embrace a visible, take charge and influential approach to their roles. Contrary to common stereotype, women are better team players than men and are better at communicating and keeping people informed; are able to put the success of the team first, using influencing skills rather than authority to accomplish objectives.

As far as leadership values go, co-workers rate women higher in such skills as hiring the right people for the job, developing and coaching subordinates, and organizing, monitoring and controlling the work of others. They are also better at creating a vision and setting clear direction and high standards of performance. In the future, there should be transformational leadership for regional and national renewal for sustainable development using methods by the media, including church women and social welfare organizations and communications programmes on the concept and practice of a new kind of leadership, which is gender issues, and expectations in leadership and improving the capacity of various interests groups in understanding and analysing issues from gender perspective through seminars, workshops and public as well as community meetings.

At a regional level, steps of the process of assigning people to do different tasks , must take place as well as setting up a monitoring framework and specific demands should be developed and implemented. From this a new culture will emerge when building positive relationships, command authority and interacting with the world.

Everything involving women has changed and will continue to do so over the next decades.

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In every arena, women have continued to excel and have definitely made a dramatic difference in the world. Gender identity refers to the feeling that one is male, female or transgender. Like Moslem tradition and believe, Christians etc.

Gender in this case finds challenging for the limited understanding to their tradition comfort zone of their culture. In every problem that persists, there are always ways out of the problems. The world views gender in a more acceptable lens in the 21st century that there is a growing acknowledgement of diversity and differences where rights matter. This is evident in current government systems across the world through policy frameworks, economic incentives by corporations and programs by multinational organisations like United Nations.

Below are some of the contributions towards re-enforcing other efforts in solving gender issues. Counter stereotypes through young generation. However, to counter the existing wide spread stereotype across the world on gender, there is need to start educating and sensitising young generation in schools and out of schools.

Gender Roles in Society Essay | Major Tests

These are categories to be changed despite long period of time to realise positive results but its sustainable and very effective solution. Therefore stereotype can be resolved through young generation. Cultural transition , Adapting new culture especially in the 21st Century of technology which has taken young generation by surprise has led to frustrations and disenchantment with new things that are both positive and negative to gender relations.

This can be termed as cultural shock that has brought hard time in handling proper transition from tradition to technological culture that has always created gap in between genders of male and female. There is need for proper and sustainable cultural transition from traditional culture to technological culture that would not harm gender in any way. Equal economic empowerment, this is a cornerstone of development.

When both genders male and female have equal economic empowerment in a society, poverty will be reduced, economies flourish and the health improves among all genders as well as other service deliveries. Gender inequalities create gap for underdevelopment that is largely realised in developing countries despite strong efforts and campaigns on women empowerment by development agencies, there is need for both because some of the other gender male are incapacitated economically that has always created domestic violence.

Therefore if women are more economically empowered may lead to vulnerability and can leave risks of high rate of divorce in families due to care and respect that male traditionally demand from their spouse. Therefore leaving man out of empowerment may mean women take role of being heads of families whereby it may inject in serious rate of divorce that might call for another advocacy on equal treatment for men.

However, there is need for equal economic empowerment for both genders. Education and Exposure for both genders, we are all responsible and have power to change the world the way that pleases us. There is need for education of genders and expose them to different environments so they can know what happens in each part of the world. Despite massive explanations about gender but still remains as if its unheard from different parts of the world due to inadequate education and exposure of genders to different environments and cultures.

For example the traditional approach of understanding gender in Africa may be far different from understanding of gender in Europe. This inadequate exposure and education leads to misunderstanding of gender in the current generation. Therefore there is need for education and exposure for both genders. In conclusion despite other approaches in the 21st century in creating an understanding of gender, the way people view others of the same and opposite gender as well as they see themselves which is a necessary component of the society passes the message of sometimes miss understanding while sometimes understand what gender implies to others.

In other words others misunderstand gender as women promotion in the current century. The following recognises male roles and and responsibility which currently being handled by both genders in current generation, marriage proposal was done by male gender before but now done by both genders, dress code is being shared by both genders in the 21st century.

Many challenges are face by gender in the 21st century that include; domestic violence, language for genders, decision making power, inequality, transgender, gender imbalance, equality has increased divorce, limited education and exposure which have creating challenging moments to gender. However, in any situation occurs way out of it despite threats. The following are suggestions to the above challenging moments of gender. They include; encounter stereotypes through young generation in schools by mentoring them about gender at the earlier age, handling proper cultural transition from tradition to current generations, equal economic empowerment for both genders other than focusing women gender as the most affected, education and exposure of both genders for easy understanding gender from different perspectives in different environments.

Through above solutions, I do agree that gender perspective by 21st century generation would create an understandable meaning for gender. Otherwise gender remains as a unique topic of discussion if not handled amicably. Gender in the 21st Century Essay, 17 Pages. S E Samson Esudu Author. Add to cart. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2.

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Background 3. Gender in the 21st Century a. Marriage Proposals b. Dress code. Work 4. Gender challenges 5. Solutions to Gender challenges 7 Bibliography 1. Introduction This essay seeks to understand gender in the 21st century. Background Gender is a state of being a male or female. Gender in the 21st Century In the current generation of 21st Century, gender is often misunderstood as promotion of women who have taken more active role in different sectors and careers despite some traditions still hold women inferior in their society like numerous cases reported in Indian cultures women still come from traditional strict households, they have accepted their roles and feel comfortable in their decisions or lack thereof.

Marriage Proposals Marriage proposal in early centuries, men typically propose to women which was traditionally their role but in the 21st Century, women are stepping up by proposing to men as they get down on their knees. Work Traditionally, both genders have different roles and responsibilities whereby men were considered responsible for taking care of the family financially; guiding the family while listening to their spouse though they make final decisions while women are to take care of children and household duties.

Gender challenges Gender has for the past experienced many challenges that have led to massive advocacy for equality with specific promotion of women to equate with men. Below are some challenges faced by gender; Domestic violence ; the violent confrontation between genders in families, at work, in public etc which involves physical harm, sexual assault. Solutions to Gender challenges In every problem that persists, there are always ways out of the problems.

Conclusion In conclusion despite other approaches in the 21st century in creating an understanding of gender, the way people view others of the same and opposite gender as well as they see themselves which is a necessary component of the society passes the message of sometimes miss understanding while sometimes understand what gender implies to others.

Sign in to write a comment. Use this effective step-by-step essays guide. It is intended to be helpful for writing a paper on the role, which sex plays in the relationships between people living in one house. Before getting started with the gender roles paper, you need to have a clear picture of what a gender is.

Most students mistakenly think that sex and gender have the same meaning. Is there any difference between sex and gender? In order to get an A-grade, check what you need to reveal in this type of essay.

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A teacher asks to write a gender roles paper expecting you to provide in-depth analysis of gender roles considering the economic, cultural, social sphere. Conduct research on gender roles giving sufficient evidence to prove your standpoint. The topic of gender roles is broad and you need to choose an aspect for the deeper gender role research.

1. Introduction